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Husky Fall Adventure

This tour is for peolple who would  like to experience more than “only” huskytours and snow. The tourdates are between end of august 2020 until end of november 2020.

On this tour you will see the beautyfull colours of the fall . You have the chance to go on a moose safari, catching fish i the amazing lakes and rivers in the area and spent some nights in bush cabins where you get by boat or canoe. You will be part of our fall chores like dogtraining, hunting and fishing.

On your arrivalday you will be served dinner and get your program and informations about the tour from your guide. You´ll stay in a our guesthouse were you have the possibility to to use the sauna and take a shower Before you´re heading out into the nordic nature!

The next day we will be at our cabin at the lake (gamm järvsjön). We will take some dogs with us for Company on our hikingtour. We will go fishing ,make firewood for the night and you will be served lunch and dinner from your guide.  preparing the gear for catching fish with fishingnets in the evening and check out the area. We´ll spent the night in our cabin and go for a  hikingtrip in the mountains the next day. After a long day in the wild , we will be heading back to the cabin for Another night. We are going back by boat to the guesthouse the next day.

Then you will join the rest of the dogs in our kennel and we are going for  a trainingstour at the other riverside with our ATVs. In the evening you will be served dinner and take if you want  a sauna in our guesthouse.

The next day you will train the dogs early in the morning and after that you will be involved in our daily dogcare chores. We will eat lunch and get ready for Another trip with the dogs. In the evening we will go on a moose safari along the dirtroads often crossed by moose and other game.  Hopefully we will see a lot of wildlife .

Another day with dogtraining is waiting after breakfast . Today we will be staying out for lunch with dogs  , building a campfire and enjoy some good typical food of lapland , prepared over open fire , while the dogs enjoy a nice break on the soft forestfloor .We´ll getting back in the afternoon and enjoy a nice dinner together where we once again will go through the experiences from the past Days .

Your last day, you´ll have breakfast and getting ready for your trip back home. You have the opportunity to say good bye to our nice and friendly alaskan huskies and take home the wonderfull memories from your tour in the fall  in Lapland.

Tourdates : all weeks from end of August until the end of November . Monday to friday .

Price : 14480  SEK per/Person