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Alaska Adventures / Multi DayBrooks Range sled dog adventures




Are you ready for the ultimate  sled dog experince ? Mush your own team of Iditarod and Yukon Quest huskies into the most remote mountain range  of Alaska  , the Brooks Range  ! Sleep in authentic trapper cabins ! Mush on frozen lakes and rivers  ! Build a strong bond with your dogs as they’ll take you on a ride of a lifetime ! Join our partner operator  Arctic Winter Adventures and meet your guides and dog teams in Bettles/ Alaska ,your headquarters for adventures !







-Tour Dates  : March 15 th –  April 15 th  2020

– Enjoy the power of these dogs as they just finish their race season.

-Mush your own team of 4-6 dogs

-Alska wilderness at its best.

-Breathtaking scenery.

-´´Hands on “tour. Feed and care  for your team .

-Flight with 9 passenger caravan  to and from Bettles ( from Fairbanks)

-Food and Arctic gear included

-small groups only (4 people max)

-1 Night/Dinner/Breakfast at the Bettles Lodge before and after your adventure is included








Choose your Adventure :

Alaska Trapper / $ 2400 / person

-2days /1 night

-Overnight at Timber Creek / A true Alaskan Trapper cabin

-22miles  ( 35 km ) per day with Lunch at 12-mile cabin

-Dinner and breakfast at the cabin

-Sleep to the warmth a woodstove

-Northern Light gazing to the sound of husky howls

-Moderate Fitness level required








Brooks Range Explorer / $ 3600 /person

-3 Days/ 2 Nights

-Overnight at Timber Creek and Crevice Creek (used to be America´s northernmost farm)

-Mush your own team into the narrow 60 mile creek canyon ( name of the creek , not actual milage of trip)

-Amplified wilderness experince

-Moderate Fitness level required



Brooks Range Expedition /$ 4800 / person



– 4 Days /3 Nights

-Mush a loop that connects 2 river valleys

-Gain 2000´in Elvation

-Beatiful views as you gain altitude

-Enjoy the 3rd night on Wild Lake

-Northern Light galore

– Active Fitness level required

-increased bond with your team


Let AWA guide and take care of it all . Come and enjoy the peace , quiet and solitute of the Brooks Range with our incredible dogs . No city noise , no meetings  ,  no stress and wander back in time with us to places where simplicity matters most and travel back in time as you glide across the trails as they did thousands of years ago . We promise you that you’ll get back to your daily life as a changed person , revitalized , energized and with eyes that have experinced the true meaning of simple living .




The places you will get to explore are untouched all winter and don’t see any tourism throughout the year . AWA is the only Outfitter who offers trips to these parts of the world . It is very important to us  to mandate s ´´leave no trace ´´attitude towards nature .We ask all our guests to respect the Brooks Range as sacred grounds , so future generations can enjoy this wonderful playground just as much as we do .





arctic Winter Adventures is proud to keep on setting standards in the ´´mushing ´industry . We treat our animals like family and only provide the best food and care for them .All our dogs are very well socialized and will literally jump into your arms as you approach them . You will see the they love what they do and take their jobs very seriously . They are all born  in our hands and trained with lots of TLC .

We take them on free runs all summer long and switch to sleds once the snow has fallen . Please keep following our YouTube channel where we you see your future friends in action . All the dogs at  AWA are Alskan Huskies . They all look different since they are a Mutt breed and are bred for speed , strength and endurance  . Keep in mind that we are not setting speed records on your tour but rather can go for many hours at a moderate (8-10mph) pace

Dog care is pur number one priority . Without them this businesss wouldn’t exist . Dogs are always first ! They eat , then we will eat  ,  they sleep  ,  then we go to bed  ,  they go to the bathroom  ….. ok  I´ll leave it at that .

Of course , you need to be a dog lover to enjoy this tour but whats more important : that you have a basic hunger for adventure  , the wild and a desire to just get away from it all . Even if you don’t have a dog at home  , I can guarantee that by the time its time to say goodbye , you will have established a bond with these animals , that the farewell will touch your heart .




How cold will it be during these trips  ?

The weather in the Brooks Range is very unpredictable . We either mush under blue skies at 50 degrees Fahrenheit or drive our teams through a snowstorm at 5 below . The reason AWA only offers these trips in March/April is that we can enjoy long days . The daylight increases by minutes and it won’t get colder than 20 below during the night . Expect daytime temperatures any where from 10 below to 50 above .


Do I need to bring my own gear ?

AWA will outfit you with all your Arctic gear . We will provide bunny boots (warmest boot for the Arctic ) , arctic jacket , pants and gloves . All you need to bring is your thermal underwear ,(long johns , shirt , wool socks ) a hat  , your camera , sunscreen , chapstick , sunglasses , thermos , knife /leatherman and a headlight with extra batteries .


Am I tough enough for a trip like this ?

First off : you are not signing up to run the Yukon Quest or Iditarod . We customize these trips and prepare the trails and cabins before your arrival . Your Tour will always be guided by 2 people . You will need to be in good physical condition . You will need to be able to run at least a mile and can’t exceed 220 lbs/ 100 kg . You do need to help them up hills at times or in deep snow should a weather event occur . Our dogs will do most of the work but keep in mind that this is a ´´hands-on´´adventure . We are working as a team and at  our cabins  , tasks need to be delegated . Feeding , kitchen , snow melting  , organizing etc .



The Aurora , also known as the Northern Lights  , has mystified people down through the ages , scientist , poets , and lay persons alike . Written records of so called  ´´great auroral displays´´date back more than two thousands years .

Sometimes the Aurora over Alaska and other aural zones can be incredibly bright , multihued and fast moving . Tall green curtains of lights , red tipped at their bottoms , stretch from horizon  to horizon . They ripple and sway , fold and unfold , then suddenly disappear , only to reform in a new shape minutes later .

For those who live in Alaska , the Aurora is a part of northern life  . Fall , winter and spring is the special season for viewing the great lights . Anessntial key element to view one of the seven wonders of the world is to be so far away from any city light pollution . Fairbanks is approx . 200 miles away from all our cabins that we stay in . The Brooks Range is located directly under the Aurora Oval .