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Home address  Byavägen 26, 92397 Slussfors, Sweden

About Us

Torsten & Peggy

We began with Siberian huskies 1995 in Germany, moved to Sweden 1998 and founded  Snötroll Sleddogadventures & Equipment.
Torsten (1971) and Peggy (1972) born in Germany-
Our 2 children Ronja & Ida (01 and 04 born in Sweden).
We love The outdoors and especially the Nordic/ Arctic Wilderness .
Not just mushing , also hunting , fishing , living of the land as much as possible
is something we try to do so much as we can .
Longdistance Racing is a huge part of our lives .
Torsten is competing  in the longest and toughest  races in the World like the Yukon Quest 1000 miles in Alaska , 5 times with 4 , top 10 finnishes , the Finnmarksløpet in Norway 1000 km participating  9 times , Copper Basin, Gin Gin, Pasvik Trail, Femundslöpet, Amundsen race- .
just to mention some of them .
He also received special awards ,the “vet choice award` for best care of dogs during the 300 mile copper Basin race  in 2016  (Alaska) .
And in 2017 the challenge of the North award in the Yukon Quest , given to the musher who personified the spirit of the yukon Quest, the most during the race .
Peggy and Ida are in charge of the puppy training and harness breaking , wich is a very important thing , for our future racers and tour dogs as well .
Peggy also participated in the copper Basin 300 in 2018.
Ida is planning to do the Junior Iditarod maybe in 2019.
We train about 4.000 – 6.000 km a season to have dogs in good shape.You can be sure to get dogs who are in excellent condition , well behaved and social , wich is most important to us .
Manufactoring of dogequipment is also a part of the Snötroll company, sewing with high quality fabrics and webbing to get the best products for your dogteam .(you find it on our Equipment section/link )
Production of Ganglines and a big range of mushing Equipment .
We  keep the highest levels  of Quality in our products .
We are speaking german, swedish and english. Now we have about 50 – 60  alaskan huskies and puppies in our kennel as well as retired dogs in the house a shiba inu and two hunting dogs .

We welcome you at our huskyfarm in Slussfors, Lapland / Sweden!