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One Week Sleddogtrip

One Week Trip

Dates 2017/2018

Tours are available from december 2017 until april 2018, please contact us for further informations.We can already book tours available 2018, please let us know.

You want to experience a sleddogtour in the wilderness of swedish lapland. Feel the cold weather, enjoy the nature with your own alaskan husky team. Become a member of your dogteam. If you`re looking for a adventure and feel this is the right vacation please let us know, we will help you to get here, visit our kennel and enjoy your trip.

If you like to expierience sleddogadventure for one week,4- 6 dogs and a sled are ready for you to . We give you all necessary instructions how to handle your dogteam, to gear them up and get them ready to go in front of your own sled.

Torsten who`s been running dogs for over  20 years, competing the longest sleddograces in the world the Finnmarkslöpet (1000 km ) several times and the toughest race in the world in Alaska the Yukon Quest (1600 km) 4 times.

He and his wife Peggy are the owner of Snötroll adventures. They have even other guides working for them. A lots of experience in dogsledding ,average 6000 – 7000 km on the dogsled every year is usuall.

The fun begins with the dogs in front of your sled. The tour brings you through dense forest, over svamps, frozen lakes upp to the snowcovered mountains. You will pass all different kind of landscape, sprouce forest, pinewoods and birches, bare rocks in a arctic region – the “Vindelfjällens Naturereserve” the biggest one in Europe! The landscape will impress you!

We will stay over night in mountaincabins/tents,you will sleep on reindeerskin or sleepingbags.There we`ll build a campfire, enjoy the typical food of Lapland – for exs. moose and fish.

During our breaks we will do icefishing , cook coffee on the open fire , grilling …., after one week we`ll be back in the civilisation.


Information and Instruction in sleddogdriving. We pack the sleds with all nessesary equipment for the tour. Then the tour starts. We have about 25 km to the first cabin. We have to pass big lakes, forest and the mountains.There we will stay over night in a cabin with no electricity and without running water. First we have to take care of our dogs. Then we`ll have to heat upp the cabin with wood and have to get water on the lake. There is only a outhouse. We`ll cook the meal for the evening, hearing the dogs howling in the night.



We are getting ready for the next trip over the big lake . After crossing the lake , we have to do a good climb into the mountains . We will help the dogs to make the climb , it´s all about teamwork. Hoping we have nice weather and a beautifull view over the mountaintpeaks. After 35 km on the dogsled we will arrive at the next cabin . There we`ll stay again without running water or electricity, we will take care of our dogs and ourselves, maybe see some northern lights hopefully.


After feeding the dogs and breakfast we are going into the mountains again . We will pass really nice landscape. The distance is aprox. 40 km.  We will stay at another cosy wilderness cabin .The cabins are basic but warm and the locations are breathtaking .


After our rutins in the morning , we continue our journey down the trail This trip is about 40 km . At the end of the trip, we will find a  cabin again . These cabins are without electricity and running water in the middel of nowhere. Really nice view over the lake and mountains. We have a nice dinner in the evening with candle light and we hear the dogs howling after feeding. Maybe we`ll see the northern light …

5. day

On the way to our next destination , a tough trip. We have to go with our dogteam 65 km through all kind of landscape, hoping to have good weatherconditions. We will decide already in the morning if we go this route  or an alternative route wich is a little shorter. Anyway we`ll have a cabin for the night and a good dinner . The  cabin is without elctricity and water .

We`ll go to home to the camp. The trip is about 55 km. You will pass a wonderfull nature and have the chance to make nice pictures and enjoy  dogsledding the last day. It won`t be easy to say God bye to the dogs, now you`ve become a team. We`ll have a nice meal in the evening and looking at all pictures we have made during our trip and talking about funny scenes – we`ll sleep good this last night in this beautifull country…

Back to the civilisation. Our last morning, after breakfast we`ll give you a ride  to the airport.

Hoping you had a good time with your husky team – a trip you`ll never forget! We hope you liked it and come back to visit us again.


• week / Pers : (20.755,- sek)
• incl. lodging,dogteams, gear, clothing, guide, food, transfer from the airport and back.


Please contact us for any kind of questions! by mail:

or mobil : Peggy 0046(0)70-2258032 , Torsten 0046(0)70-2424435.

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