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Home address  Byavägen 26, 92397 Slussfors, Sweden

About Us

We began with Siberian huskies 1995 in Germany, moved to Sweden 1998 and founded the: Norrlands Snötroll Sleddogadventures & Equipment.
Torsten (1971) and Peggy (1972) born in Germany-
Our 2 children Ronja & Ida (01 and 04 born in Sweden).
We love to be outside with our dogs, enjoy the wilderness and freedom.
Longdistance Races are really important for us too.
Torsten is competing the longest races in the World like the Yukon Quest 1000 miles in Alaska and Canada, the Finnmarksløpet in Norway 1000 km, Copper Basin, Gin Gin, Pasvik Trail, Femundslöpet, Amundsen race-
We train about 4.000 – 6.000 km to have dogs in good shape.You can be sure to get dogs who are in a good condition.
Manufactoring of dogequipment is also a part of the Snötroll company, sewing with high quality fabrics and webbing to get the best products for your dogteam .(you find it on our Equipment section/link )
We are speaking german, swedish and english. Now we have about 40 alaskan huskies and puppies in our kennel as well as retired dogs in the house a shiba inu and one cat.

We welcome you at our huskyfarm in Slussfors, northern Sweden!